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  • Do I need to keep my Cold Brew in the fridge?
    YES! Once your order has been delivered or picked-up, store it in the fridge. This will ensure your order remains fresh!
  • When can I expect my order?
    All orders placed Saturday - Friday will be delivered or ready for pickup the following Sunday. Deliveries happen from 9am-1pm on Sundays and orders are ready for pickup from 10am - 5pm on Sundays. For any questions about this feel free to contact us!
  • How does the bottle return work?
    For Delivery: The Sunday morning of your delivery leave your empty bottles out on your porch. When we stop by to leave you a fresh batch of Snow Peak Cold Brew we will collect your empty bottles! For Pick up: Bring your empty bottles with you when you pick up your order and we will collect them from you. We will take down your information for our rewards program as well! New Bottle Pick-Up Service:If you haven't renewed your order we still accept empty bottles every Sunday! Under the "Rewards | Bottle Pick-Up" tab you can select which Sunday works best for you for pickups! Please allow up to 24 hours to recieve your rewards.
  • What are the ingredients in Snow Peak Cold Brew?
    Each bottle of Snow Peak Cold Brew starts off with a base of Canadian milk and local honey. We then add our specialty original coffee blend, vanilla coffee blend, or tea blend based on your order! If you don't like dairy or can't have dairy products just select "Without milk" when ordering. Please note there may be trace amounts of milk in the "Without Milk" options.
  • What's the Rewards Program?
    We want to thank and reward our awesome customers for helping be envorinmentally friendly. Snow Peak Cold Brew's mission is to be as sustainable as possible! We want to reward our customers for bringing back empty bottles and helping us do so. Check out the "Rewards | Bottle Pick-Up" tab on ourwebsite to learn more!
  • What if I break a bottle?
    If a bottle breaks please recycle it carefully. Please make sure to take care when handling broken or damaged glass!
  • Do you have a non-sweetened option?
    We currently do not have a non-sweetened version of our cold brew. We add honey to our original coffee, vanilla coffee, and original tea. You can however customize your cold brew with or without milk!
  • How far do you deliver?
    We deliver all throughout Windsor and some surrounding areas. When you go through the check out option, if we deliver to your address you should be given the option to do so. For any questions about the ordering process feel free to contact us! We hope to expand our delivery service to cover more areas! Stay tuned for updates!
  • What if the mix and match I want is not available?
    If you would like to order an option that is not currently available, please connect us HERE and we will help you as best as we can!
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